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The Donkey Park Zons is a privately run sanctuary for animals. Since 2006, Peter and Darinka Norff have mainly taken care of donkeys in need. In particular, they take in donkeys that are not kept in a species-appropriate manner or rescue them from slaughterhouses. Over the years, many other animal species such as sheep, goats, pot-bellied pigs and chickens have found a new home for life in the donkey park.
I myself got to know the Donkey Park in 2017 and am full of admiration for the work that Peter Norff, his wife and his team do.

The donkey park has developed into a project that is absolutely close to my heart.

I am inspired by the lived connection between people and animals.
For Peter Norff, the main idea was to give animals that have suffered a lot a place where they can start a new life among many other animals without fear.
In addition, the rescued animals now give a lot back to the people. For example, Peter Norff's team regularly visits a home for the elderly with some of the donkeys. Kindergartens, schools and groups of handicapped people also visit the donkey park. During these visits, people can experience the calming influence the animals have on people, as donkeys in particular are ideally suited for animal-assisted therapies due to their calm and empathetic nature.
I was fascinated to see that animals, who have experienced a lot of suffering at the hands of us humans, are able to forgive and enrich the lives of people in different ways.
Through my charity work, I want to draw attention to this project, which requires a lot of work, dedication, effort and a high financial commitment. The fate of the animals and the dedication with which Peter and Darinka Norff run the donkey park have moved me from the very beginning. I would like to contribute to giving people in need the opportunity to experience animal therapy and to discover for themselves what effect animals have on us humans.

For me, the Donkey Park Zons is a prime example for the coexistence of all living beings, without suffering and fear. I have made it my goal to brighten many eyes with this project in the years to come. For the people as well as for the animals.

I would be very happy if you would support me in this.

The breakfast4kids e.V. association from Aachen works to ensure that hungry schoolchildren in the Aachen area receive a healthy breakfast every day. To this end, the association needs donations to ensure that the currently approx. 1,100 breakfasts can be prepared daily by bakeries and delivered to the schools.
I have never had to worry about breakfast at school. Therefore, it made me both sad and pensive when I learned that every fifth child goes to school on a hungry stomach and without a packed lunch. A school day with its different challenges is exhausting and in order to be able to perform and concentrate, it is necessary that no child attends school hungry. This is why I am thrilled by the work of the association with its many volunteers.
I appreciate very much that breakfast4kids e. V. is committed to this issue and I would be happy if you supported this important project.

Caritas is a Catholic welfare organisation that supports people in difficult situations worldwide and works for social justice and the protection of the most vulnerable.Founded back in the 19th century, Caritas has since developed into one of the largest and most prominent charitable organisations.
In Germany and worldwide, Caritas supports people in need through a variety of projects and facilities, such as shelters for the homeless, food distribution for the needy, integration courses for refugees and workshops for people with disabilities.
At Caritas Betriebs- und Werkstätten GmbH (CBW) - one of 25,000 Caritas facilities in Germany - people with disabilities experience vocational training and find a job suited to their disability. Their skills are further developed in craft and industry-related production and service areas with professional support.
Caritas Betriebs- und Werkstätten GmbH is a valuable resource for people with disabilities who need support and encouragement in their everyday lives. It helps them to strengthen their self-confidence, build social contacts and achieve inclusion in society.

For me, Caritas is an important and indispensable organisation. It makes a valuable contribution to improving the lives of people in need, breaking down barriers and shaping an inclusive society.

With my charity, I would like to support the people at Caritas Betriebs- und Werkstätten GmbH in developing their personalities. In particular, animal-assisted therapy is to be offered in order to alleviate possible psychological, psychosomatic or neurological limitations.
Animal therapies are a form of alternative therapy and are used to help people with mental or physical illnesses.Animals can help overcome emotional barriers, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. They can also help improve social skills and provide a sense of security and support.
We have already conducted the first animal therapy sessions at CBW and brought a sparkle to the eyes of many. In the future, we would like to make more animal therapy sessions possible for the people with disabilities and provide many moments of happiness.
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